Lesbianism: Two Kannywood Actresses Fight Dirty

There is an ongoing fight between two Kannywood actresses; Amina Amal and Hadiza Gabon over allegations of Lesbianism.
According to reports and videos seen by THE NEWS DIGEST Amina Amal allegedly accused Hadiza Gabon of being Lesbian, an accusation which did not go down well with the later. This led to ‘beating’ of Amina Amal by Hadiza Gabon in a Video seen by this newspaper.
The fight started after Hadiza Gabon berated Amina Amal for dressing ‘indecently’ in a photo she posted on Instagram. Amina Amal angry at this said Hadiza Gabon likes to be seen as a saint and went on accusing her of Lesbianism. This has continued to generate heat online.
Click link to read more on the trend as posted by: @Kannywoodscene

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